ThermoForce Bathroom Innovation

Bigger drops, warmer shower, better coverage

ThermoForce™ technology puts a powerful new spin on showering by making less water feel like more.
Thermoforce - Ready to take showering to the next level
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Ready to take showering to the next level? ThermoForce™ technology heightens your showering experience by providing the perfect combination of coverage, force, and heat retention.

It strikes an optimal balance between water pressure and water conservation for an invigorating, luxurious experience (so you can do good and feel good).

Powerful Helix Structure

ThermoForce is a specially engineered system of four spray nozzles that provide wide coverage for a satisfying drenching effect. The technology optimizes heat through larger nozzle openings that allow for larger droplets to give you an invigorating shower experience you’ll look forward to time and time again.

Wipe Clean Nozzles
Larger Drops

Larger drops retain heat better to keep you oh-so-toasty.

Wipe Clean Nozzles
Helix Spray Pattern

Wide coverage for a better experience. It's just in our DNA.

Wipe Clean Nozzles
Optimized Water Pressure

Even with great performance we still meet WaterSense regulations.

Six Powerful Functions

2/6 Rinse
3/6 Full Spray + Rinse
4/6 Full Spray
5/6 Full Spray + Mist
6/6 Mist

Wide coverage and bigger water droplets for better heat retention creating a warmer, more satisfying shower.


Bigger water droplets and force for a quick rinse.

Full coverage, bigger water droplets and powerful force for a full body rinse.

Provides a relaxing full coverage experience.

Creates a soothing and refreshing shower experience.

Creates a refreshing shower experience for gentle rinses.

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PF Lifetime Warranty
All faucets are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty covering finish and function for as long as you own your home.

Easy Installation

  • Unscrew old showerhead
    Unscrew old showerhead
  • Plumbers Tape
    Wrap plumber's tape (not provided) on shower arm thread
  • Screw On New Showerhead
    Screw On New Showerhead


  • What is ThermoForce™ Shower Technology?
    ThermoForce™ technology is a new shower spray technology that provides you with bigger water drops, better heat retention, and wide coverage for a great shower experience. The technology was specifically engineered to optimize pressure and enhance your experience by making less water feel like more
  • How does ThermoForce™ technology help conserve water while still providing a great shower experience?
    For ThermoForce™, our advanced development team has been focusing on making less water feel like more. As a result, we have developed a shower technology that provides wide coverage using 40% less water than a standard 2.5 gpm showerhead. This new shower innovation meets WaterSense® requirements while providing a satisfying shower experience.
  • Will this shower head fit my current shower?

    Every Pfister shower head will fit a standard ½ inch-thread shower arm.

  • What’s the best tool to use to remove old shower heads during installation?
    If you can’t hand-loosen the old showerhead, using a crescent wrench will help you with the removal process. Support the showerhead with your hand and loosen the showerhead with  the crescent wrench.
  • How should the showerhead nozzles be cleaned?

    Swipe your finger over the easy-to-clean rubber nozzles to wipe away hard water buildup. For a more thorough clean, we recommend soaking your shower head in distilled white vinegar for 30 minutes before rinsing. You can do this using one of the following methods:

    • Method 1:  Removing the showerhead, soaking it in vinegar, and then reinstalling.

    **Note – replace old Teflon tape when reinstalling.

    • Method 2:  Filling a bag with vinegar and tying the bag to the shower arm.

    **Note – make sure the bag is secured to the shower arm and that the vinegar reaches the shower nozzles.

    This eco-friendly method will not only dissolve mineral deposits and disinfect your showerhead but it will also help preserve the metal finish. Use an old toothbrush to brush away any stubborn spots.

  • Whom can I contact for help?

    If the FAQs do not answer your questions, contact us any time at 1-800-PFAUCET (1-800-732-8238). We’re here to help!