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Pfirst Modern
Every Room Excellence
Made to last Pforever, this collection of designer basics feels like quality through and through, while keeping the aesthetic clean. Ready to take on plenty of action, these fixtures shine in their performance. Get every room a Pfister for ongoing peace of mind.

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Pfirst Modern
Beauty in Graceful Movement
Rhen’s streamlined silhouette that blooms into rippling folds stirred our imagination of what could be. The sculpturesque design, artisan craftsmanship, and attention to detail that embody the Rhen collection work together to deliver a breathtaking effect.

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Perfect Balance
Fans of Danish Modern will dig the horizontal lines and rounded edges to be found in the Deckard Collection. If you want to carry clean design right down to your fixtures, this is the solidly square faucet that sports a small footprint.

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Innovative Solutions
Press once to close. Again to open. Easy peasy!
Push and Seal Buttons

Push and Seal
The “easy button” for sink drains.

Push & Seal™ is a new and improved drain assembly that is easy to install and easy to use. Press to seal and again to open. It’s that easy.

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Design & Inspiration

Have a specific design in mind? Explore your options below to find your perfect match.

  • Ashfield Traditional Style

    Anything but boring, Traditional designs favor time-honored architectural forms and classic craftsmanship. This style is perfect for showing off your inherited pieces and cultural finds. Jet-setters welcome.

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  • Transitional

    Transitional doesn’t mean neither here nor there, but the best of both worlds. It’s California cool in faucet form, with practicality informing chic simplicity. You don’t have to do it all, but your fixtures certainly can.

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  • Contemporary

    If you’ve got style in spades and aren’t afraid to show it, our Contemporary collections are calling your name. Pure lines and sleek minimalist designs make for showpieces that applaud your creative spirit.

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