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PermaBalance™ Valve.

Reliable temperature control down to a flow rate of just 0.5 GPM. Helps prevent hot or cold surges.

PermaBalance™ Shower Valve
The only valve you'll need for ultimate versatility and compatibility

  • High-precision machine spool valve provides worry-free temperature balancing
  • Intelliflow technology supports showerhead flow rates down to 0.5 gpm
  • Brass stem provides years of secure performance
  • Low profile casting with integrated tie-downs allow for a solid installation no matter the dimensions
  • Back to back compatibility provide ease in multifamily and hospitality settings
  • Compatible with the revolutionary standard for shower trim rigidity and aesthetics: SecurePfit™

Permabalance Engineers

...they know a valve is the heart of any shower system

You might think that the valve is the least sexy thing that we design when we are developing innovative products across our kitchen and bath portfolio, but not for our intrepid engineers...they know a valve is the heart of any shower system and without a kick-ass valve, you are in a lot of cold water. With the Permabalance shower valve we know Pfister matches or exceeds anyone in the industry for performance.

The move from our legacy valve to the current one was necessitated by our concerns for pressure balancing at lower and lower flow rates. If you live in California, like we do, water conservation is not only important it is essential.
Our engineers sounded the alarm and wanted to ensure that our customers had a better experience using our shower valve when they adopted lower flow rate standards.