Iyla Bath Collection

Iyla Bath Collection

Iyla GT42-TROC

It's a Shore Thing

For true water babies or those who stay firmly on land, Iyla is the collection that launches your wayfaring dreams. The faucet curves into a fluidly cresting wave that ends in a beautiful spout of (what else?) water, and the tap handles are as irresistible as the tides.

Iyla Testimonial

“The inspiration for this elegant collection came from waves crashing onto a pristine beach. While experimenting with shapes to capture this tidal motion, our industrial designers crafted a unique flared base. The high-arch spout and curved handles mimic the fluid shape of an ocean breaker.”

- Cameron Potter, Industrial Designer

  • Pforever Seal
    Pforever Seal™
    Advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee.
  • All Metal Construction
    All Metal Construction
    All metal construction for durability.
  • Ultra Seal
    Ultra Seal™
    UltraSeal All metal 1/4 turn cartridge for superior durability and handle feel.
  • Secure Pfit
    Secure Pfit™
    Direct handle-to-valve connection for precise temperature control.

Where to Buy

The Iyla Bath Collection is available exclusively at Ferguson Showrooms. See it in person at a location near you.