With an Eye on Design Trends, Pfister® Tailors Faucet Lineup

Aug 9, 2016
As the faucet becomes more integral to overall modern kitchen design, Pfister has worked to deliver eye-catching and affordable designs.

LAKE FOREST, California—August 9, 2016—Over the past several years, the faucet has become one of interior designers’ go-to features for boldness in modern kitchen design. No longer are faucets simply functional—they’re eye-catching centerpieces in endless options, and Pfister has helped set the pace with its extensive lineup of visually striking designs.

Today's kitchens are the hubs of the household, and many homeowners are seeking unique design choices in very area. No matter a kitchen’s guiding design—be it rustic, modern, contemporary or eclectic—there is a faucet that fits, accentuates, and can even become the centerpiece of the kitchen.

"There is an artistry to choosing the right kitchen faucet," says Darin Heuer, Group Marketing Manager, Pfister Faucets. “What was once a simple utility can now be the visual cue that ties an entire design together. And what’s best is that faucets are an easy, affordable upgrade for the kitchen.” Pfister has kept close watch on these trends that are driving faucet design forward:

A Fantastic Finish. With so much more than the traditional stainless steel now available, homeowners are seeking striking finishes for their faucets that match the design of their kitchen and additional appliances. Some of today’s most popular include Chrome, Matte Black and Tuscan Bronze.

“We can offer many different finishes today cost-effectively,” added Heuer. “As kitchen appliances go bolder, so too can a functional, affordable matching faucet.”

A popular example for a bold finish choice is the Kai™ kitchen faucet, pairing Matte Black with a modern design. Kai also demonstrates that good design is no longer limited to the surface and shape of the faucet. Kai’s spray head can fully retract into the spout, eliminating the need for an unsightly break in the spout tube. With great attention to detail the spray head also features a luxurious diamond pillow texture that creates an unexpected tactile and aesthetic flair.

No-Hassle Filtration. Water quality is always top-of-mind for both taste and safety, but most available options—the slow water filter pitcher or bulky faucet-mounted filter—aren’t the most elegant or easy to use. Fortunately, Pfister offers integrated filtration for fast-flowing, space-saving and convenient filtered water right from the kitchen tap.

Now available in a transitional design, Clarify™, and a contemporary design, Lita™, Pfister is offering its Xtract™ filter technology, which provides fresh filtered water 2X faster than conventional filter options. The filter components are quickly and easily installed under the sink, away from view and without using up precious countertop space.

Island Life. As many embrace “open concept” living, kitchen islands have become an important part of design considerations. With an island comes the option for a secondary sink, which is often used as a prep sink.

Specifically for prep sinks Pfister offers a variety of faucet styles ranging from traditional to modern designs. Among the most popular models is the new Briarsfield™, available in two sizes – as full-size faucet or as prep faucet. This model has broad appeal with its bold and timeless design. With three spray head functions Briarsfield is designed to handle whatever is coming its way in an active cooking and prepping environment.

Culinary Ease. Home cooks have taken advantage and continue to demand faucet technology that makes their lives easier. For example, pull-down faucets have become increasingly popular for their versatility when it comes to cleaning the sink and dishes (product highlight: Venturi™). Thanks to wall mounted pot fillers, filling your pasta pot is no longer a back-breaking affair. Installed at the back wall behind the cooktop, the faucet arm simply swivels over the pot (product highlight: Port Haven™ pot filler). Fully integrated filter faucets now deliver fresh filtered water at unprecedented speeds, supporting home chefs with their most ambitious culinary endeavors. Let’s be honest. A hot cup of Earl Grey or Colombian Coffee and that Italian Linguini pasta simply taste better without the Chlorine. (product highlight: Lita™ and Clarify™ faucets with Xtract™ Filter Mode).

Whether it’s form or function, Pfister offer a solution for any need of today’s kitchen. With a variety of finishes, styles and price points, Pfister continues to meet the demands of homeowners with high quality products.


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